PainPeople Project

PainPeople is a project promoted by the European League against Pain EuLAP®, with the partnership of the Paolo Procacci Foundation.  Aim of the project is to build a community of health professionals and patients associations and to give an information which is both competent and “from the field” about the situation of chronic pain diseases in Europe; a sort of direct monitoring of what is going on in the European nations, in relation to pain.

In the last decades pain medicine has conquered a relevant role as an important medical specialty, while the sensitization about the negative impact on the quality of life, health and social costs of people affected by pain is growing up. Pain represents one of the most important health problems that human kind experience, and in its diverse clinical expressions it represents a significant obstacle to maintaining a good quality of life that guarantees each single individual a condition of wellness. Furthermore, at an economic level pain implies a relevant expense and causes significant social consequences.

The cure and prevention of unnecessary pain is considered a human right, but the reports from the patients do not confirm that this concept is really implemented in all medical specialties.  This is one of the reasons why PainPeople Project will work to get the cooperation and reports of scientific societies, of various specialties, as well as nursing and patients associations. 

PainPeople Project will be hosted as a special section of the website of the European League against Pain EuLAP®, but could also become an online magazine in the near future. 

A crucial action to accelerate the process of building the community will be the use of social networks, which will amplify the initiative, looking especially for patients communities and professional “social” groups.

So, PainPeople Project hopes to become a useful platform to exchange experiences of different European organizational realities, a monitoring from the local realities and not from the establishment, an open space for discussion and news:

  • to provide information about European initiatives to fight pain
  • to offer interviews and experiences of patients
  • to offer reports on best care practices in Europe
  • PainPeople Project will take advantage of the partnership of healthcare experts, politicians/health administrators, journalists, for in-depth articles
  • it will edit monographs on topical issues.

PainPeople Project could also become a "think tank" of the best professionalism and experiences, thanks to strong partnerships and expertise of the Editorial Committee of EuLAP®.

Official language: English, either with the possibility of local language version, or with direct url link to original news.